Recent Activities

Recent Ent. Club activities! (Sorry no photos yet!)

March 19: Stephanie Gil and Mike Ferro visited 2 preschool classes in the Human Ecology building here at LSU. The first class (3 year olds) learned about the life cycle of insects (egg, larva, pupa, adult). The second class (4 year olds) learned about insect defenses (stings, crypsis, mimicry, etc). 

March 30: Dawn Simms and Mike Ferro visited Dutchtown Primary School and presented three “lectures” to 6 classes about insect life cycles. The students all learned the words holometabolous and paurometabolous and loved it! 

April 22: Dr. Jim Ottea and Mike Ferro went to Glasgow Middle School’s career day and talked about Entomology and academia in general to 4 classes of bright, eager, young students. 

Many thanks to all those that helped out. 


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